Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No pink... just RED

Greetings and salutations!

I wish I could report that we'd made plans to travel. Unfortunately, the worker bees in the Kingdom haven't managed to get things together. We were submitted to the embassy for our visa interview last week. Instead of issuing the infamous pink slip, we were given an I-72.

UGH - the dreaded I-72. For those 'in the know" it means that the embassy requested additional information before processing our visa request. It seems that our attorney failed to include a necessary document in the final packet. One would think I would be furious with the attorney. Alas, I'm not. Why? Because I have the memo from the embassy that CLEARLY states the document they are requesting is NO LONGER NEEDED. Yes, my friends, the embassy wants us to submit a document they have said is no longer required! I'm worried some of our fine federal employees have gone to the PGN training school. Seriously. I'd expect this from first-line PGN reviewers, not from our highly trained Foreign Service Officers. These people are supposed to be the creme-de-la-creme! Obviously not. So now we wait. Maybe next week we will be given the go ahead and secure an appointment date. Who knows? I'm taking nothing for granted.

On a completely different subject: for you two-three kind folks who are following along at the 'place, have you noticed the comments on my previous post? (Go ahead, check it out. I'll refresh my drink.......)It seems that I have managed to offend someone(s). I'm actually kind of flattered that someone took the time to read what I have to say. Even more so that my thoughts are so offensive people feel the need to read them OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I'm thinking it’s mob mentality.... the car wreck syndrome... "It was so gruesome but I just couldn't look away!" Much like I told my anonymous compadre, I would welcome anyone to drop by and give me a piece of his or her mind. Yes, I sensor the comments on my blog. I assure you that I've posted every single comment I've ever received. (as if there were too many to post... MUUWWAAHAHAHA!) I require the posts to go through me so that I know they're here! I'm too neglectful to watch on a daily basis. Comments run through my email so I can know when the public stumbles upon my ramblings.

So once again, take a minute to enlighten me. Seriously – I’m apparently an idiot and uneducated about pretty much every topic I’ve posted about so far. I would think that people would jump at the chance to school me. I’m willing to listen. This isn’t a challenge. It’s an invitation to dialogue. I can’t be expected to learn anything if only those who agree with me are the ones in the conversation.

Of course if it’s easier and more convenient to just trash me and lump me in with “those people,” then that’s okay. I understand that sharing with others is a difficult task. I’ve noticed that much of this online community is female and pretty much a Queen Bee and Wannabees kind of world. I don’t mind sitting at the lunch table by myself. I was never one of popular girls either. Old habits die hard; don't they, ladies?.