Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Q and A

I realized that sometimes blogs just have random information. There doesn’t always need to be some major, heart-stopping event to share. I’d like to rant about work right now but honestly I’m too freakin’ tired to go into it. I do promise to share more on my current employment site because….. IT SUCKS.

But in the interest of saving my current mental health, fragile as it may be, I thought I would be kind enough to answer some questions. You see, there have been a few very, VERY kind people who have taken the time to drop by, read the blog and even COMMENT ! What wonderful people you are! It makes me happy to know that maybe, just maybe, people are interested in what’s going on in my life. So, on to the questions:

Art Sweet asked:
1. Why are you living somewhere you don't like (so am I)? Where SHOULD home be for you?

Glad that you asked. I’m not sure exactly where I should be living. If you notice a previous post, you will see what was left of my beloved house previously located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Alas, she is no more. No house insurance, no flood insurance, no government money – ZIP. Don’t believe the hype. Not every person who suffered due to Katrina is now buying season tickets and pouring Dom Perignon in their dog’s water dish. Some of us ended up with JACK SQUAT. (And before you ask, no, the government – aka you, the tax payer - is NOT funding my international adoption. My daddy is. Sometimes fathers can fix their daughter’s broken hearts; sometimes they can’t. My daddy decided his retirement was worth fixing my broken heart.)

So, I am now living somewhere else as my dearly beloved is currently in law school. He lives here, ergo I live here. I can’t even begin to tell my dear readers how much this city sucks ass. (Although, I promise to enlighten in further posts.) Suffice it to say, I don’t like living here and I can’t wait to leave.

2. Why Guatemala?

I won’t be kitschy and say “because that’s where my son is” although it’s what I tell strangers. As a fellow Guatemama, I know that you asked for a reason. I think we chose Guatemala for a variety of reasons. Here are but a few:
· Hispanic culture: Both hubby and I have ties to Hispanic culture through our extended family. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, to name a few countries our family members share ancestry from. In essence, our son won’t feel out of place surrounded by his cousins.
· Process: We liked the adoption process in Guatemala. We both have serious issues with government involvement in most things. We liked the fact that the adoption process is a private matter between the adoptive parents and the birth mother through an attorney. Also, to be fair, it’s a short timeline when compared to other countries.
· Foster care: Babies in Guatemala generally remain in foster care in a family rather than in an orphanage. I am very familiar with developmental delays as that is the field in which I work. The fewer our son develops, the better for his long-term health.
· Travel: Selfish, yes, but honest. Neither one of us could afford (financially, physically, academically) to be out of country for weeks on end. The fact that the trips to Guatemala are short in duration makes this whole process possible. Maybe in the future this won’t be a factor, but for now, that’s our reality.

3. What kinds of blog set-up questions do you have?

I haven’t managed to put a big list together just yet. I’d like to begin adding some cute graphics, etc. that might let me readers know what ideas/issues interest me. (A rainbow flag or banner reading “THE ONLY BUSH I TRUST IS MY OWN” on the blog makes a pretty powerful statement without having to write a lot of explanation, don’t cha think?) Obviously I don’t think many are reading so text is probably fine for now. But I do like shiny things.

Oh, and how to make a list of the blogs I read that will post here somewhere on a permanent basis. There are so many creative people that I read daily and I’d love to share the love. (Is that politically correct? Or am I supposed to ask permission to do that? I always wonder that.)

4. Why "hopeful step-mom"?

Wow – this girl is perceptive! I’m sure I will get around to explaining the current stepmother situation that I now find myself in. To answer in short: I am stepmother to two wonderful boys, who are 14 and 12, respectively. They live in Europe with their biological mother. She is a waste of carbon. One of the boys lives in the care of the state in a foster home. The other still lives at home with her and “roommate” du jour. I hate the situation they are in and I / we are powerless to change it at the present time. That being said, my hope is that one day I will have the chance to be a positive force in their lives on a regular basis. Even more so, I hope that one day they may actually come to love me. Until then, I can be hopeful for them and their future. There’s so much more to this saga and I’m sure it will make a lovely set of posts to explain. Of course, that is if I have any readers who actually want to know the story…… time will tell.

Thanks for playing Q and A!


Amy said...

Hiya ... wow, you get questions?! I need to drag my blog away from being adoption-intensive, so that people will possibly think I'm interesting and ask me questions!! ha ha

And from your previous post, my dh agrees with your feelings on newborns. I'm thinking since he'll most likely be deployed that I will not show him pictures until the baby is at least a few months old ... is that wrong?! LOL

DD said...

I can help you with you side-links, if you want. I never had anyone ask my permission, nor have I ever asked.

I do ask permission to link in my posts to a person if I have a private email discussion w/them. However, I don't ask permission to link if it's to one of their comments or posts as that becomes public property. I do practice some discretion if it warrants.

Congratulations on your son. I hope all the paperwork can quickly be wrapped up and plane tickets reserved!

Amoret said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. My husband and I have been thinking about adopting. Now we are at a point of action baecause we have been actively trying to find an adoption agency. We want to adopt from one of the Latin American countries since I am from Panama myself. Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Gatemala are in lur list.
I have also read that the Guatemala adoption is the least complicated and shortest. My family also lived in Guatemala for three and a half years when I was a child. My yonger brother was born in Guatemala. So we are kind of leaning heavely towards Guatemala.
I will like it if you could share with us the name and information of the adoption agency you are using. I hope this is not too much to ask. My email is zfunes@aol.com
I know I am a perfect stranger so don't feel bad if you don't feel confortable sharing the information with me. I will understand.
Thank you,