Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day off

I caved in and stayed home today. I thought I was feeling better yesterday evening but then spent the entire night running to bathroom. By the time I finally got to sleep, the alarm was going off. I made a command decision. The boy was going to daycare; I was going back to bed. So, I pulled myself together the best I could and got him there on time for breakfast. I felt a little guilty but then realized it was probably safer for him to be there than to be at home. It did me a world of good to stay home and sleep today. I was able to build up my strength. It definitely made for a better evening for him. He hates it when his routine is changed. Just because I was sick didn't mean his world had to be miserable. He loves "school" and has fun there.

Gallo had his 15-month check up at the doctor yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. The pediatrician said he is doing wonderfully. He is 30 inches tall and weight 30 lbs. He’s got a little potbelly but the good doctor said that was fine. That will disappear as he continues to grow, so he says. I’m thinking with Mr. Beans wonderful culinary skills the belly may stay! Everything else is right on target or “within normal limits.” I’m still a bit worried about language development. The doctor says nothing to worry about. I’m still going to have him evaluated as soon as we get moved.

I’ve been reading so many blogs and have so many ideas for posts. I just can’t seem to get myself together enough to write. Hopefully I’ll have time at work this week. The truth is, now that they know I’m leaving, they’ve begun to transfer all of my duties to my co-workers. (They’re not planning to hire a replacement. Budgetary issues.) I’ve had to meet with folks and make a plan for the transfer. Most of them asked to just go ahead and start doing the tasks assigned to them. That way, if there were problems I would still be around to ask questions and help out. That’s great, except there haven’t been many issues. So, in essence, my job has been totally farmed out and I’ve still got another month to go. I’ve done so many sudoku puzzles, I’m dreaming about them! Guess I could use the time to write more blog posts. Plenty of downtime to think !

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