Friday, November 02, 2007

Not a seamless transition

Just when I think things are working out… there’s drama!

It seems that the sellers of our wonderful new home have decided to quibble over $195. Yes, you read that correctly. ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-FIVE DOLLARS. During the home inspection it was noted that there were some wiring issues. It was nothing that would make a buyer run screaming from the premises. The garage had been closed in years ago and apparently someone played the home version of “let’s-be-an-electrician.” Two many things on a breaker, wires not marked appropriately – whatever. The inspector said it was a safety issue in that it needed to be fixed but nothing that couldn’t be remedied quickly by someone who knew what he/she was doing. So we sent the sellers a copy of the report and told them these safety issues had to be fixed before closing. No big deal, so we thought.

Our realtor called today to tell us that the sellers contacted a licensed electrician who gave them a quote of $695 to make the repairs. They consider this stuff “incidentals.” Therefore, it’s covered by the $500 they’ve given us in the contract for said incidentals. We’ll need to pay the difference to have the repairs done.

Um – NO. Incidentals, my friends are things like scuffed paint, cleaning the carpets, replacing a squeaky ceiling fan. There is now way IMPROPER WIRING WHICH CAN RESULT IN A MAJOR FIRE can be considered “incidentals.” Our realtor wanted to know how far we wanted to take this. We told her, they can pay for the repair or they can shove the contract straight up their candy ass! I should also mention the sellers’ realtor mentioned he saw Mr. Beans’ name in the paper a few weeks ago. That would be the announcement that he had joined the firm. Kinda makes you wonder whether the fact that he’s a lawyer makes them think we need to pay the additional $195. You know, since lawyers have SO much money! (sure drop by, there’s a cash giveaway in the driveway tomorrow at 9am….) Honestly, they’ve lost their minds. This house has been on the market for months with NO offers and it’s a buyer’s market extraordinare! They can cough up the dough or they can enjoy their house. I’d rather live with my parents for a few months than get taken. It’s the principle of the matter.

On the job front, it’s even more ridiculous. In case you didn’t pay attention, I work for a state agency in this here fine state. All employees with the state have a classification for the pay called a PIN. These PINs are assigned to agencies and they see fit to assign PIN to whatever jobs they want. You may be in PIN X and be an instructor. He may be in PIN X and be a supervisor. The point is, you both make the same amount of money. Your job is the agency’s business. I was in a specific PIN (PIN X) for three years in my previous life. I then moved to another agency and was promoted to a higher level PIN (PIN Y). In order to transfer, I applied for the open PIN X at The Agency. I got my letter from the state personnel office. It seems that I’m not qualified for PIN X. Nope. I was qualified five years ago and in that time compiled five more years of experience, three of which was in PIN X, along with a promotion to PIN Y and a master’s degree. Now, I’m no longer qualified for PIN X. Overqualfied? Nope I “don’t meet the minimum requirements.”

I think I should apply for a job at the state personnel office. Perhaps I’m qualified for that.

On a posotive note, Mr. Beans is coming to visit this weekend. I get a day off from total parental responsibility. And oh yeah, a few happy minutes alone with my husband. Guess I should stop complaining. Happy Friday!

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