Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Finally qualified

I didn't mention before that I obviously reapplied for the PIN I was trying to get into for my job. Much as it annoyed me, I knew I had no choice but to fill out the application again. Well, the letter arrived today. I'm finally qualified! I'm not sure what happened in the two weeks between when I applied last time and when they reviewed my file this time. Then again, I'm not sure how I went from qualified to not qualified in the previous letter. I love state employment! Should I mention that I wrote the exact same information on this application as in the last? Go figure...
So now, the job situation appears to be rectified. Now, I just wait for the confirmed transfer dates and I'm off and running. Now, we've just to close on that house!

Speaking of, any suggestions for paint colors for Gallo's room? The current room is a disgusting shade of lavender which just won't cut it. Mr. Beans says we have to paint it before we move everything. I'm leaning toward lime green with bright blue and orange accents. No theme in mind; I'm not that creative. Guess I've got some researching to do!

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