Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trying to do better


I’m trying this NaBloPoMO thing….. I hope I the link correctly. Not that many folks read me regularly because, well, I don’t post regularly. Go figure.

I do however have plenty for Day 1. Perhaps the prospect of explaining it all will give me something to do with my free time. (As if…)

Sine my last post, life has continued to get crazy.

House: the crazy folks accepted our offer on the house in HomeTown! We’re now in the process of working out the kinks. There were a few minor things on the home inspection that have to be completed. Once that is done, we’ll have the survey done and get the mortgage crap all signed, sealed and delivered. We’re still hoping to move in by Thanksgiving. Oh, and did I mention the hot tub ?? Yeah baby! It comes with a hot tub. Just in time for the cold weather. I can’t wait!

Job: As I last explained, a job unexpectedly came open at my previous place of employment, The Agency. I had a phone interview and she hired me on the spot! We’re now trying to work out the transfer process to ensure a seamless jump from here to there. It also appears that I won’t have to bit the bullet with a five figure cut in pay! Talks were in the works to upgrade certain positions to provide more oversight within the Agency. The powers-that-be decided that I would be the perfect fit for this newly created position. Volia! Instant job with same pay package I currently receive. It will be a LOT more work and I’ll probably be on the carpet 24/7 whenever the higher-ups decide it’s time for the bi-annual flogging contest. In the end, though, it’s another big jump career-wise for me. I’m honestly floored. Of course, the whole thing is a bit ironic since all I ever wanted to be was a stay-at-home mom. What’s with the career opportunities now?

Obviously Gallo will need someplace to go during the day while Mommy and Daddy are out conquering their respective worlds. We’ve found a wonderful in-home childcare situation that fits us perfectly. We’d prefer he be at an actual daycare with more structure. Unfortunately, there are ZERO openings in the area and waiting lists are at least a year long. So, until then, we’re happy with the situation that has presented itself. Hopefully Gallo will be happy, too.

I’m definitely worried about the continued changes he has to deal with on an almost constant basis. Mr. Beans has already been gone a month. Gallo will leave the daycare he’s known for four months. Then, he will be away from me for a few weeks. (He’s going to Home Town to stay with Daddy and Grandparents while Mommy packs up the house here.) Then a new house, new day care…. Good grief. The boy has had nothing but changes since he arrived in this world! Adapt, overcome…. Hoorah! It must the military brat in me that says it will be okay. The professional who works in the field of mental health isn’t so sure. Only time will tell. We’re giving him all the love and attention we can. We’re trying to gradually ease him into each new situation the best we can. As parents, aren’t we always wondering if we’re doing the right thing? We do what we know. When we know better, we do better. I truly hope I’m learning fast!

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DD said...

Look at it this way: you get all your posts up in one month and you can take the next 11 off!

Of course, that doesn't appeal to ME much, but seeing how you are a tad busy...